A History of Christianity: The First 3000 Years

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Six one hour shows chronicle the story of Christianity from its birth to the 21st century.

A History of Christianity, a six-part series presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch, an Oxford history professor whose books about Cranmer and the Reformation have been acclaimed as masterpieces. A History Of Christianity will reveal the true origins of Christianity and delve into what it means to be a Christian. Intelligent, thought-provoking and magisterial in its scope the series will uncover how a small Jewish sect that preached humility became the biggest religion in the world. Most Christian histories start with St Paul's mission to Rome, but Diarmaid MacCulloch argues that the first Christianity stayed much closer to its Middle-Eastern roots. He describes not only the main ideas and personalities of Christian history, its organization and spirituality, but how it has changed politics, sex, and human society.

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 Episode 1: The First Christianity59 minutes$25.00
 The First Christianity11 minutes 
 Christian Edessa10 minutes 
 Constantine's Capital10 minutes 
 The Syriac Orthodox Church10 minutes 
 The Church of The East9 minutes 
 The Religion of Light8 minutes 
 Episode 2: Catholicism, The Unpredictable Rise of Rome59 minutes$25.00
 Catholicism10 minutes 
 A New Jerusalem8 minutes 
 At A Crossroads14 minutes 
 Skellig Michael Monastery8 minutes 
 Central Control10 minutes 
 Religious Structure9 minutes 
 Episode 3: Orthodoxy, From Empire to Empire59 minutes$25.00
 Orthodoxy11 minutes 
 Icons9 minutes 
 Cyril & Methodius11 minutes 
 The Third Rome4 minutes 
 Ivan The Terrible10 minutes 
 Communism13 minutes 
 Episode 4: Reformation - The Individual Before God59 minutes$25.00
 Reformation11 minutes 
 Zurich & Zwingli11 minutes 
 John Calvin7 minutes 
 The Church of England12 minutes 
 The New World8 minutes 
 Bohemia & Beyond10 minutes 
 Episode 5: Protestantism - The Evangelical Explosion59 minutes$25.00
 Protestantism9 minutes 
 John Wesley9 minutes 
 American Diversity12 minutes 
 Slavery & Religion10 minutes 
 African Missionaries8 minutes 
 Korean Pentecostals11 minutes 
 Episode 6: God in the Dock59 minutes$25.00
 God In The Dock10 minutes 
 Natural Philosophy10 minutes 
 The French Revolution11 minutes 
 Modernism of War6 minutes 
 Scientific Socialism12 minutes 
 Questions10 minutes 


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