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Ancient History chronicles the world's greatest civilizations from 5,000 B.C. to 1500 A.D., revealing previously unknown aspects of these ancient peoples.

In the 19th century and the early part of the 20th -century, archaeologists began unearthing evidence of many ancient civilizations across the planet ... Civilizations that left behind remarkable ruins. Because they were ancient, they were often viewed as primitive ... And because the writers of history and archeology came from countries embroiled in war, these early civilizations were most often interpreted almost exclusively in terms of war, invasion and conquest. Now, in the new series Ancient History, you will see these civilizations in a new light and appreciate their accomplishments afresh. Shot in stunning High Definition! Hosted by Globe Trekker's Zay Harding.

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 Ancient History The Greek City-State and Democracy28 minutes$25.00
 The Greek City-State12 minutes 
 Athens12 minutes 
 Ancient History Greek Accomplishments28 minutes$25.00
 Greek Accomplishments2 minutes 
 Greek Architecture3 minutes 
 Greek Art4 minutes 
 Greek Theatre6 minutes 
 Greek Literature7 minutes 
 Greek Science4 minutes 
 Ancient History Ancient Pueblo People: The Anasazi28 minutes$25.00
 Anasazi Home Land3 minutes 
 Maize Cultures8 minutes 
 Anatomy of a Pueblo3 minutes 
 Social Organization2 minutes 
 Anasazi Accomplishments6 minutes 
 Ancient History Ancient Britain: Stonehenge to Celtic Iron Age Hill Forts30 minutes$25.00
 Geography and Climate3 minutes 
 Megalith Builders10 minutes 
 The Bronze Age3 minutes 
 The Iron Age6 minutes 
 Art in Iron Age Britain2 minutes 
 Ancient History: The Incas29 minutes$25.00
 Inca Homeland5 minutes 
 Rise of the Inca Empire5 minutes 
 Inca Social and Economic Organization5 minutes 
 Accomplishments4 minutes 
 Machu Picchu5 minutes 
 Ancient History America's Prehistoric Civilizations: The Mound Builders29 minutes$25.00
 Early Native Americans2 minutes 
 Poverty Point6 minutes 
 Woodland Indian Mound Builders7 minutes 
 The Mississippi Mound Builders9 minutes 
 Ancient History: The Maya42 minutes$25.00
 Homeland and Geography5 minutes 
 Network of City-states12 minutes 
 Culture - Ceremonial Warfare7 minutes 
 Environmental Agriculturalists5 minutes 
 Art and Architecture - Grand Architecture of Their Ceremonial Centers4 minutes 
 Mathematics, Astronomy and Writing3 minutes 
 Ancient Rome: Reexamined - The Rise of the Roman Republic29 minutes$25.00
 The Rise of the Roman Republic3 minutes 
 Origin and Homeland of Rome7 minutes 
 Roman Society5 minutes 
 Governing the Republic4 minutes 
 The Aqueducts and Roads5 minutes 
 Latin2 minutes 
 Ancient Rome: Reexamined - Military Triumphs and the Death of the Roman Republic29 minutes$25.00
 Military Triumphs and the Death of the Roman Republic3 minutes 
 The Military and War7 minutes 
 Julius Caesar and the Collapse of the Roman Republic10 minutes 
 Greek Influence on Rome2 minutes 
 Greek Gods2 minutes 
 Free Speech and Public Debate3 minutes 
 Ancient Rome: Reexamined - The Rise and Fall of the Roman Republic29 minutes$25.00
 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire3 minutes 
 Augustus and the Making of the Empire6 minutes 
 Julio-Claudian Dynasty3 minutes 
 The Golden Age of Imperial Rome5 minutes 
 Christianity in the Roman Empire4 minutes 
 Constantine and Institutionalization of Christianity6 minutes 
 The Splendor of Imperial Rome29 minutes$25.00
 The Splendor of Imperial Rome3 minutes 
 The Forums7 minutes 
 The Coliseum4 minutes 
 Circus Maximus and the Palatine3 minutes 
 The Pantheon3 minutes 
 Baths2 minutes 
 Roman Walls2 minutes 
 Roman Mosaics and Sculpture1 minutes 
 Rome's Lasting Accomplishments2 minutes 


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