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Fracking: America's Energy Revolution
Fracking: America's Energy Revolution
This enlightening series, Fracking: America's Energy Revolution, examines Fracking - the latest technological boom in America's oil industry.

The Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics
The Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics
This astonishing and informative program, The Arctic's Changing Climate and Economics, explores the dramatic changes, brought about by climate change, to the Arctic's ecosystems, climate, geopolitics and economics.

Great Poets of the World
Great Poets of the World
This insightful eight part series, Great Poets of the World, covers the greatest poets of the ages and their works from all over the world.

Death Camp Treblinka - Survivor's Stories
Death Camp Treblinka - Survivor's Stories
Death Camp Treblinka - Survivor's Stories is the story of the mass murder of 800,000 Jews at the Nazi run concentration camp known as Treblinka.

Shakespeare in Italy
Shakespeare in Italy
"In this two part series, Francesco da Mosto travels to Verona, Venice and Rome, revealing the beautiful locations, myths and Italian stories that inspired some of Shakespeare's most well-known plays."

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Showcasing the lives and works of over 50 of the greatest poets from around the world, this eight part series takes you on a literary journey into the depths of the human soul.  Shot on location, this series features scholarly interviews and dramatic poetry readings from Shakespeare, Dante, Goethe, Byron, Frost, Neruda, Gibran, and many more.  Great Poets of the World illustrates why poetry, like no other literary form, has been part of the human experience since the dawn of time.


Arctic with Bruce Parry – A World of Extremes:  Travel to the Arctic Circle,Greenland,Canada,Alaska,Russia & Northern Europe to explore the people and the effects of Global Warming. Five – 50 Min Programs

Death Camp Treblinka – Survivor Stories:  Two men bear final witness. One – 50 Min Program

Nature’s Microworlds:  Discover the key to life in the Galapagos, the Serengeti, Svalbard, and the Amazon. Sixteen – 30 Min Programs

Rise of the Continents:  Discover the supercontinent that split apart to create 7 continents. Four – 60 Min Programs

Shakespeare in Italy:  Travelogue Reveals the myths and stories that inspired Shakespeare. Two – 50 Min Programs

Brazil with Michael Palin:  Meet the people and places that shape this nation. Four – 55 Min Programs

Fierce Earth, Series 1:  Experience some of nature's most destructive forces- earthquakes, tsunamis,etc. Ten – 30 Min Programs

Orbit – Earth’s Extraordinary Journey:  Follow the Earth's voyage around the Sun for one complete orbit. Three – 60 Min Programs

Secret Universe:  Journey Inside the Cell:  Narrated by David Tennant, a high tech adventure inside our own cells. One – 50 Min Program


One of the amazing American sagas is the history of African-American Literature.  It is a history of a literature that rose out of slavery, oppression and racism to become one of the great literary traditions in the world.  Great African-American Authors, an eight part series, brings to light the accomplishments of over 40 brilliant black writers, who against all odds wrote great novels, plays and poetry.  These authors include Phillis Wheatley, James Weldon Johnson, Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, August Wilson, Rita Dove and many more.  Their story is the story of America, the story that all Americans should know.  Available February 1, 2014.



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America's National Monuments: Legacy of the Great Plains
America's National Monuments: Legacy of the Great Plains
First designated in 1906, America's National Monuments tell the story of the country.

A History of Hispanic Achievement in America
A History of Hispanic Achievement in America
"A History of Hispanic Achievement in America" is a rich history that began 500 years ago when Christopher Columbus stepped ashore in the new world.

A History of the U.S. Constitution
A History of the U.S. Constitution
This chronologically arranged, comprehensive series covers key events leading up to and following the creation of the U.S. Constitution. 47 segments show how this document has protected the American people from the abuses of power and tyranny.

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