Accounts & Licensing

  • What is a License ID for and when do I need it?
  • What's the difference between Individual and other types of accounts?
  • I can't log in - What should I do?

Technical Requirements

  • What kind of computer equipment and Internet access do I need?
  • What media player do I need to have installed to view the videos?
  • What technical standards do you use for streaming from your website?
  • How do I manually install Flash on an Android device?

Viewing Your Videos

  • We have licensed many Titles - How can I control, or limit, which are displayed?
  • How can I go directly to the videos that my Institution has licensed?
  • When I click the links for each video, nothing happens. What should I do?
  • Why doesn't the video play, or take so long to buffer?
  • Can I fast forward or rewind the video?
  • Is a firewall on my end possibly preventing me from viewing the videos?

IP Address and Proxy Authentication & LMS Integration

  • How does IP address and proxy server authentication work?
  • How do I configure IP address authentication for on-campus users?
  • How do I configure proxy server authentication for off-campus users?
  • How do I integrate videos with my existing web-based systems?
  • Why do we need to provide a proxy server hostname in addition to its IP address?
  • My IP/Proxy authentication is not working as it should - what can I do?

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